So you want to know more about the human behind the keyboard? Let's get started.

Real Name
: Ash.

Yes, my name actually is Ash. Not Ashley or anything else like that. No relation to a certain S-mart worker. I still have both hands last I checked.

: Well over 30.

Mental age
: 23.

Growing older is mandatory, growing up isn't. I listen to music, dress up every Halloween, play games with friends, own and play several game consoles, and am always active around my community. That said I am an old school nerd. You can frequently find me at game shops, cafes, or the local library.

: A literal Korean Enclave.

One of the few Korea Towns in the USA! No joke: the signs are in a mix of Hangul and English out here. The local culture matches. The local target plays K-pop on the speakers and there's more Asian Marts than normal grocery stores. I love it.

: Male.

: 4 years computer programming.

I know, so typical. I was in college years before this became mainstream, though! I guess I was ahead of the trend? I am aware how old school this web page is. I like old school for my personal look online and offline.

Actual job
: Professional content creator and manager.

In the real world almost nobody ever ends up actually working on the line of work they went to college for. You can see this every night on Jeopardy. I started doing ghost writing for various websites and blogs in college and just never stopped! You might have read some of my work already without knowing it. That's just the way it is. I also sometimes make web sites professionally from scratch. Yes, even those boring single-page scrolling things that people really pay too much for.

Possibly controversial things
: Religion, sexuality, ect.

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